External Audit

Get Maximum value from your audit

Internal Audits

Practical recommendations for improving systems and minimizing risk.

SMSF Audits

Quick, cost-effective and high quality audits to ensure your self-managed super fund is compliant.

Due Diligence

Make sure you have the full picture if you are considering buying a business.

Data Analytics

Proven to be one of the best ways to detect and prevent fraud.

Payroll Data Analytics

Detect anomalies in your payroll system and avert potential fraud.

About Us

Accru is an award-winning network of Australian accounting firms


Accru is an award-winning network of independently-owned accounting firms in Australia. We help businesses grow, thrive and generate wealth for their owners…


Just as plants thrive when they are nurtured, businesses succeed when they are supported by people experienced with the challenges they face. At Accru, we…


“Accru Harris Orchard has been our business accountants since 2008. They are highly accessible, approachable and responsive to our needs…”


Our people are naturally experts in their field. With a team of 200 across Australia, you’ll find a myriad of skills to help manage your business and financial challenges.

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